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What is a Newsletter

Everybody tries to adopt new and innovative marketing strategies, or the latest social media resources: but using “classical” tools like email marketing is still well worth. In fact, sending newsletters to promote products and services, boost engagement or find new prospects, will always be great for your business.

But what exactly is a newsletter? It’s an email which is sent periodically to a list of users that have asked to receive it (usually by filling an online form). The message will contain information about new products, updates about events, promotions or price variations.


This powerful marketing tool has several advantages. First of all, sending a newsletter doesn’t require a big investment or many resources: plus, it offers an almost instant effect – with a few steps you can reach thousands of users in the space of a click.

By a well crafted message it’s thus possible to convey highly targeted traffic to your website, and “teach” your clients to visit it periodically to keep themselves updated and find the best offers.

And to compose and send a newsletter properly, you can try SendBlaster, a reliable desktop software for email marketing.


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