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Email personalization using email merge

The email reading and opening rate can be maximized if your customer sees his name or surname in the subject line. The global impact of your email can be even higher if your use all the email field merge function in our software. You will never send again anonymous mailing lists, you will use your stored customers data to compose a very appealing and personalized email.
It’s easy to put a different customer’s name in every email (just 2 steps!)


This is how your personalized email will show in your customer’s inbox

Notice that every email can be automatically customized with your customers details, like name, surname, company… and even the special offer you reserve to them. The body of the email supports tagging. The subject of the email can contain your recipient’s name and surname, as well as all the other customizable fields.



Use the tags to choose where in the email you want the final information written

It’s well known in the email marketing field the importance of writing and sending personalized emails, based on your customer’s behaviors. You have gathered many usefull informations about your customers, what they buy, where they live… etc. Since you can use all the information of your customers, why don’t use them to provide a really usefull mailing list? The evidence is that every one opens just the emails that are important in their life context.



Yes, you can personalize each field and tag


This is the main mailing list view

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