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Analyze your campaigns with Google Analytics

Probably you might want to know if your e-mail marketing campaigns are reaching the result you are expecting.

So, what happens after your recipients click on a link on your e-mail? Google Analytics is a completely free web analisys tool that can track your recipient’s actions when they reach your website and give you the answers you need.

Tracking your e-mail campaign effectiveness is easy, because Google Analytics is fully integrated with SendBlaster 2 interface!



You can determine basic statistics as the number of your website visitors, their geographical provenience or how long they stayed on, and much more useful informations to deal with.

But one of the most interesting functions in Google Analytics is its ability to define and track conversions or goals.

You can define goals that can be represented by sales, specific web page visits, newsletter subscriptions or a particular file download.

Another interesting data to analyze is represented by traffic sources. This can help you to determine how many visitors landed on your website after clicking on banner ads or, what’s most important to you, on a link on your newsletter.

To get started with Google Analytics you only have to include a special Javascript code each page you want to track.

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